Habitus Loves… Wallpapers

Wallpapers are most definitely in the middle of a revival, no longer a left-over of times gone by. We’ve plastered 8 of our favourites on the website this week, just for you!


Little Explorer


Designed by: Tres Tintas

Why we love it: This wallpaper comes with a free magnifying glass so ‘little Design Hunters™’ can get a closer look at the bugs and leaves hidden in their patterns.

Where you can get it: Tres Tintas

Gum Leaves



Designed by: KT Doyle

Why we love it: This very Aussie print brilliantly captures the movement of falling gum leaves. Australian-designed, Gum Leaves comes in 4 different colourways.

Where you can get it: Moore & Moore

Concrete Wallpaper



Designed by: Concrete Wall

Why we love it: We featured this in a recent habitusliving.com newsletter, but thought the graffiti wall was worth another mention. We love its grittiness and its clever deception. Faux fun, faux sure.

Where you can get it: Scandinavian Exposure

Deer in Woods


Designed by: Dearwood

Why we love it: This wallpaper reminds us of fairytales and Bambi, but in black and white it’s altogether more grown-up.

Where you can get it: Dearwood

Coelho Hive


Designed by: Brett Coelho

Why we love it: Bleux’s products are used a lot in commercial projects, but their great wallpaper range works just as well in home. Coelho Hive plays with letters and colours to create a 3D effect.

Where you can get it: Bleux

Peacock Feathers



Designed by: Florence Broadhurst

Why we love it:You can’t do a feature on wallpapers without mentioning one of Australia’s most revered prints designers. We love the detail in Florence Broadhurst’s Peacock Feathers – a strong opulent design.

Where you can get it: Signature Prints



Designed by: Porter’s Paints

Why we love it: What little man doesn’t love a little bit of Camouflage? Another children’s print, this wallpaper is bound to bring out the design-conscious GI Joe in all of us.

Where you can get it: Porter’s Paints




Designed by: Sixhands

Why we love it: Sixhands have only recently launched their interiors collection, but their fashion textiles experience brings a vibrancy and flow to their wallpapers, we love the sketch-like texture of the Skater print.

Where you can get it: Sixhands