When Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Micky Pinkerton

With any technological advancement comes the imperative of user-friendliness. V-ZUG masters the challenge with complete solutions that meet a range of user needs with style and ease.

It’s an understatement to say that technology pervades our daily lives. And, with the rise of automation taking a lot of the ‘thinking’ (ie, human error) out of the equation, seamless and consistent consumer experiences are becoming the norm – from driving a car to cooking an egg. But the human element still counts for much: we like to do things our own way. And the best technology gives us that choice.

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The critical thing here that sets the excellent brands apart from the merely very good is making the use of complex and simple functionalities as easy as possible – and then resisting the temptation to dictate how these should be used. When it comes to appliances in the home, V-ZUG is that brand of excellence. It has found the perfect balance between complex technology and simplicity of use so that its customers can individualise functions for their own needs and enjoyment, whatever their skill level and whatever the occasion.

In fact, they’ve even coined a term for it – simplexity – and in a luxury market already dominated by tech-enabled appliances, the ability to ‘dial up’ or ‘dial down’ the level of technology intervention to suit your own personal preferences is one of V-ZUG’s key attributes. So let’s take a look at what that actually means.

Superior results with simplest input

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Cooking with steam ovens has been a standard part of the professional chef’s repertoire for two decades and while products for the domestic market have been available for a while, the idea of cooking rice or toast in an oven still raises some hesitation in the less adventurous. V-ZUG takes away the guess work with its embedded BakeOmatic technology that sets the function, temperature and cooking time for a considerable number of every-day meals. This gives new users the superior quality of food cooked with moisture as well as heat, without the need for a science degree to understand how to make that happen.

It doesn’t take long for the home cook to build confidence with the technology and graduate to using the sous vide functions; or begin adjusting the settings with ease to suit individual taste, such as the perfect moment to switch from steam to convection to get the crust of a loaf just how the Goldilocks in your life likes it.

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Simplexity is found throughout the V-ZUG kitchen, quietly doing things that seem so obvious upon reflection, such as being able to save specific heat settings for favourite pots for different uses, and having automatic programs for melt, simmer and quick boil.

Sophistication in the finer details

Then again, if you want to be in control and able to change things at whim, the Full Flex Induction Cooktop provides quick-touch adaptability, although you might still find yourself wanting to take advantage of Chef Mode, which sets a lower temperature at the rear of the hob to keep things warm while cooking with more intensity at the front. Whatever the circumstances, the decision to experiment (or not) is firmly in your hands.

The spectrum of choice between easy-to-use options and specialised customisation extends beyond cookware and into V-ZUG’s refrigeration and cleaning appliances. Spaces within the MonoFridge can be set to create additional freezer capacity when needed, or switch to a chilled area to store additional drinks for guests. This precision technology is supported by a design approach that puts a premium on longevity, and the moveable parts within the cooling range are made from stainless steel so that fridge space can be adjusted for individual storage solutions without the fear of accelerating wear and tear.

When the guests have gone home and it’s time to clean up, the Adora range of washing machines and dishwashers continues to provide flexibility. You can use one of the presets to get things spick and span straight away, or use OptiTime and allow the appliance to determine the most energy- and water-efficient program and start time to do so.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” said some-time inventor and occasional painter of dinner parties, Leonardo da Vinci. V-ZUG exemplifies this statement, taking simplicity as its core idea and then building functionality, aesthetics, sustainability and technology around it to deliver products that give us the low maintenance lifestyle we all yearn for, but which still provide excitement and innovation when we want it.

Whether dinner tonight is being made with the equivalent of point-and-shoot ease or Hasselblad intricacy, V-ZUG offers complete flexibility for those who love to live and entertain with style.


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