Gaetano Pesce for melissa

Don’t be fooled. There are seven shoes in this melissa® ankle boot, thanks to the innovative creativity of Gaetano Pesce.

Proving that the design world has no boundaries, Italian architect/designer/artist Gaetano Pesce has delved into the fashion industry to create a design for the melissa® Autumn/Winter collection. The limited edition Gaetano Pesce design is constructed entirely of interconnected circles that can be cut by the wearer to shape shoe’s style.


Gaetano Pesce’s design ethos centres on the double functionality of objects. His architectural work is characterised by un-conventional exploration of materials and a refusal to accept the separation between function and meaning, design and art.

Known for the political dimension of his created objects, Pesce pursues a balance between the structure of his designs and the importance they hold in society. This has led him to use unstable materials that echo meanings about the instability of culture.

A master of the ‘limited edition’, Gaetano Pesce has continuously produced one-off collaborative industrial designs with studios such as Zerodisegno, Meritalia, and Fish Design.

Perhaps his most notable collection of unique objects is his ‘diversified series production’ – a provocative series that allows the manufacturer to play with certain aspects of his design. His ‘Sansone table’ project, for example, allowed workers to select the quantity of polyester resin used to fill the mould.



The Gaetano Pesce ankle boot for melissa® is available in a variety of of colours including red, black, cream, clear, translucent blue and translucent orange.


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