Montblanc Accessories

Introducing the new leather hold-allbag and accessories from Montblanc.

Montblanc are renowned for their high-quality pens – a guilty pleasure of this online editor! However, they also produce a range of accessories, from watches and jewellery to leather goods and some beautiful bags.

The company has recently released a new range of accessories featuring the same craftsmanship and high quality as their pens.

The new range includes this beautifully crafted Montblanc leather ‘hold-all’ bag [pictured above], made from Australian calfskin leather. It’s got one main compartment with zipped pockets internally and externally (for keeping your Montblanc pens and sunglasses of course!).

The collection also includes this leather bracelet featuring the iconic Montblanc insignia, as well as a new watch, several new bags, cufflinks and a leather diary.




Montblanc’s products might be designed for some seriously stylish business, but they definitely help you to Move in Design.