The Diving Mask Camera

The XSC Wide Angle Scuba Series is an Underwater Camera built into a dive mask making underwater photography “Hands Free”.

Designed to make taking your holiday smalls safer swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving, this nifty device allows you to take home photograph or videos of friends, family and marine life.

mask camera


Installed lever style buttons are easy to use with diving gloves and the camera itself fathers a 136 degree wide angle lens, 5 mega pixel photo quality, 720 pixel HD quality video camera, a micro SD card slot and software for editing your underwater project.

Certified to 40 metres, the Diving Mask includes its own carry case, a USB and 4 Lithium AAA batteries.

Find out more at Colette, Paris

Need some inspiration? Then visit The Underwater Project by Australian surf photographer Mark Tipple.