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Surfaces Without Equal: The Many Sides of Austaron Surfaces

Surfaces Without Equal: The Many Sides of Austaron Surfaces

Surfaces Without Equal: The Many Sides of Austaron Surfaces

Stewart House (aka ‘Chain Mail’) | Adam Taylor Architecture | Mount Maunganui, New Zealand | Photography: Marshall Masters

Austaron Surfaces have championed the use of innovative surface materials in residential spaces since 2003, but the large scope of potential offered by their product range has been underestimated – until now.

Home interiors are often defined by their materials and surfaces. They not only provide an unlimited palette for creative expression, but they can also add functionality or make the space more sustainable. With a plethora of products on the market, designers have an almost infinite selection to choose from, but only a few truly expand what is possible with our built environment.

Leading the way is Austaron Surfaces, an Australian family owned company bringing together a range of beautiful, technologically-advanced surfaces and finishes that are the highest quality of their kind – all under one roof. From benchtops to wall cladding, exterior facades to landscape design, Austaron Surfaces help create beautiful projects by giving flexibility for both interior and exterior applications. Their product range includes world-leading brands that can flow through the whole residential space, either as standout features on their own, or co-existing together in a multitude of settings.

Staron® Solid Surfaces | Project by AM Interior Studio

One such brand is Staron Solid Surface, a versatile material made of a blend of pure mineral and premium acrylic resin that performs to high standards in the kitchen, bathroom or any other part of the home. Manufactured by Lotte Chemical, Staron can be thermoformed into curves, be carved and illuminated, and is available in more than 90 colours. Alongside its immense design flexibility, this solid surface solution is highly durable, hygienic, non-toxic, renewable, repairable and able to deliver a seam-free finish.

Mario Romano Walls

The theme of limitless design potential continues with Mario Romano Walls, a collection of multi-dimensional walls that allow designers to create next-level aesthetics inside a home with its intricate detailing, complexity and texture. Designs are created by renowned Mario Romano in California, then carved into Staron Solid Surfaces, these walls come to life with an innovative manufacturing and engineering process, involving the latest in parametric computing and CNC machining technology. Mario Romano Walls and Staron Solid Surface are both Silica free and Group 1 certified to room fire testing AS5637.1.

Mount Nebo Kitchen and Outdoor Living | Interior by Kim Duffin, Sublime Group | Fabricated by Solid Surface Innovations

With an extraordinary material composition that has no equivalent within its category, Acrylic Couture also has the potential to elevate the aesthetics of any residential project. Designers can create playful light installations, striking feature walls, kitchen splashbacks and more with this collection of acrylic glass panels that showcase premium quality and ethically-sourced metallic fabrics, decorative particulates and feathers encased in a crystal clear high-quality acrylic glass. Combined with dramatic lighting, this material can achieve intensely radiant effects due to special nanoparticles in the acrylic glass, delivering a design statement like no other.

Solar and Privacy Screening | Double Bay Residence II | SAOTA Architects in association with TKD Architects | Photography Adam Letch

Pushing the boundaries of what is stylistically possible, Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh is a transformative material that can be used for ceiling features, interior screening and exterior facade applications. Like all of Austaron’s products, Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh excels, the mesh is unlike any other offering in the world, with its series of polycarbonate rings that seamlessly interlink to form a modern chainmail fabric. Bringing more flexibility to interior design, Kaynemaile can be used to divide spaces while its open weave maintains transparency and airflow. On building exteriors, its unique material structure allows it to be used to provide solar shading and sun protection. At the same time, its light weight, strength and high flexibility enable an endless range of design options.

Stewart House (aka ‘Chain Mail’) | Adam Taylor Architecture | Mount Maunganui, New Zealand | Photography: Marshall Masters

Bold yet functional, Austaron Surfaces innovative product offering, which is supported by excellent customer service and their wealth of technical expertise, is the complete package, ensuring that designers are only limited by their imagination.

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