Stormtech Modern Bathrooms

Stormtech’s Lineal Grates blend with modern designs to create stylish and durable bathroom environments.

The stylish Slimline grates are all high quality stainless steel manufactured in Australia available in various widths and finishes from the luxury wedge-wire to a punched hole or slot perforated version for a more restricted budget option. The drainage channels are either UPVC or stainless steel. All have a Watermark Standards Australia International certification.

Stormtech continues to extend its range of drains and design of new products, with the recent release of a new stainless steel slotdrain that has the narrowest possible grating aperture at 25mm wide. It includes an integrated tiling flange to protect the underlying material from moisture damage.  The great innovation with this new drain is that the grate is height adjustable to match the tile height.

Stormtech has been providing inspiring architectural drainage solutions to architects and builders for the last twenty years. As the pioneers in linear drainage for bathrooms and showers, the Stormtech drainage system allowed new bathroom designs by forming a sleek partition between the “dry” area of the bathroom, housing the sink and toilet and the “wet” bath and shower area. Used in bathrooms, showers, thresholds, paved areas, driveways, pools and pool surrounds, Stormtech grates and drains are known for sleek design, innovation and practicality.