Design Hunter Q+A: Liam Bowden

Creative Director, of Deadly Ponies Liam Bowden is inspired by Brancuzi.


Name: Liam Bowden

Where you are from/live: Auckland, New Zealand

What you do: Creative Director for Deadly Ponies


When did you first know you wanted to be a Creative Director: As far as I can remember I always wanted to create. When I was younger I wanted to be a sculptor but I ended up pursuing graphics, which funnily enough led me here!

Your latest project: We collaborated with Katie Lockhart on a canvas collection for her boutique Everyday Needs

Where you find inspiration: Everywhere. I am inspired by the world around me; people, nature and experiences all influence by design process. Sometimes it can be the strangest of this – I once designed an entire range based on a napkin print


Three people that inspire/excite you:

1) Brancuzi – his incredible works have inspired our new retail interiors.
2) Our Team. I am lucky to have a team of brilliant minds around me who have helped steer a new direction for the business over the past couple of years. I think an
inspirational workplace is the key to success.
3) Max Ernst – I have always loved his works.


What is your favourite…
Car/bike/plane/boat model: Any Air New Zealand plane, they really are the best airline to fly
Chair model: Faye Toogood’s Roly Poly chair

Residential space: Our home. Although I have run out of space for my knick-knacks – so my house with more shelving would be ideal
Commercial space: I must admit I’m a big fan of our new workroom. We converted an old warehouse and worked with Katie Lockhart on the fit out

Decorative product: I recently acquired one of Gary Nash’s old concrete pots that he used to mix glass colours- it’s incredible but very sharp
Functional product: Sunscreen lotion – any excuse to lie there just a little bit longer
Handmade good: Works by Bronwyn Cornish
Mass-produced good: Apple
Item in your studio: We are lucky to have quite a few works by Steve Carr in the workroom. My favourite is his donut piece

Time of day to work/play: Work before lunch and play after
Meal: Macaroni cheese
Restaurant: The Engine Room
Drink: Sparkling water- wild I know
Bar: Home on the deck

Piece of technology: Sonos – different music in every room, it stops fights
Historical figure: Napoleon – only because our winter range is inspired by French revolutionaries
Fictional character: Pegasus

Vice: Sleeping in and chocolate
Virtue: Finding a silver lining


What does the term ‘Design Hunter’ mean to you: When you can spend five hours in a vintage shop and know there is still so much more to see

Who are two people you’d call Design Hunters: Deb Smith one of our photographers and Justine Russel-Cowan, a very good friend who always finds the most incredible treasures


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