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Why Support Emerging Designers?

It's a nice idea to support emerging designers. But aside from that, what are the benefits of doing so? What do we as consumers get out of buying these new designs and what does it mean for the future of the design industry?

Barcode Room by Studio 01

Barcode Room is a concept studio apartment composed of product furniture-walls which move freely from side to side, permitting the resident to customize the size of space to fit a variety of uses.

Saving the Industry from the Replica Plight

Last week we looked at copyright and design laws, which relate to the form of a design. In Part 3, we discuss what can be done about the common practice of replica furniture being sold by association with the name of the original designer, design or brand.

This artist draws the intricacies of the natural world

Tané Andrews is a Sydney based artist whose work is drawn from the natural world but it is never constrained by it.

Studio Ham create Practical and Playful Art

Blackheath-based design collective Studio Ham combines a quirky whimsy with strong design aesthetics. The out-of-the box husband and wife designers manage to put a creative spin on everyday items, creating a new form of practical art.

Top 10 Stories from April

We've looked at a lot of exciting projects, met numerous Design Hunters and seen some fabulous product over the past month. But these were the stories you liked most. What's your favourite?

How do you design for one of the harshest natural environments on earth?

Elana Castle unlocks a thoroughly practical and poetic sanctuary in one of Australia’s harshest natural environments.

Did You Miss?

Milan Review 2015 | Melbourne, Jardan

Last Tuesday night, in Sydney and Melbourne, we held our Indesign Milan Review - at Spence & Lyda in Sydney and Jardan in Melbourne. Here we look at the Melbourne discussion.


Committed to Collaboration

85% of Geberit's products are behind the wall and they are a technically minded company. But they also recognise the value in aesthetics. This is why Geberit is entirely committed to their design collaborations; function must look good.

See some of the artists ARNDT represents in Singapore

In Habitus 27 we meet Matthias Arndt, a German-born, Singarpore-based gallerist, art collector and dealer who in 2013 opened ARNDT Gallery in Singapore - sister to ARNDT Gallery in Berlin. Here we look at some of the Asian artists ARNDT represents at Gillman Barracks, as well as pieces from Matthias' personal collection.

Found in Translation

Famed Japanese stationary, homewares and apparel house, MUJI, are expanding their Australian empire to Sydney, following the immense success of their two initial Melbourne stores


Kristalia Launches Sharky by Neuland Design

A contemporary design by nature, Sharky features an extremely thin profile, giving it a clean and delicate form.

How to combine warmth and modernity in the city

What do you do with an oddly shaped block in an inner city setting? Annie Reid finds out from Julie Firkin Architects

Pallet Racking House

Explore our Home of the Future feature from Habitus 27 in more detail and discover models for living inspired by the flexible and efficient mechanisms of the human body

Cells by Tribe Studio Architecture

Tribe Studio Architects explore the Home of the Future feature from Habitus 27.

Milan Review 2015 at Spence & Lyda

On Tuesday night, in Sydney and Melbourne, we held our Indesign Milan Review - at Spence & Lyda in Sydney and Jardan in Melbourne. Our panelists spoke with conviction on their experiences at the fair, offering our audiences an engaging, interactive, and ultimately more meaningful report than can be gleaned from a screen. Here we look at the Sydney discussion.

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