• Let’s Bring the Church to the 21st Century

  • How to Breathe New Life into a Modernist Home

  • Trophy Hunting: It’s a Big Game

  • Expanding Melbourne’s Suburban Typology

  • How to Bring Middle Eastern Style to Inner Sydney

Latest Stories

Workers Cottage Turned Designer Home

Marrying the architectural heritage of an old Sydney worker’s cottage with contemporary design principles is no easy task, but for the Hill Cottage, that’s just what Luigi Rosselli Architects did.

At Home: Modern Australian Design

An exhibition at Old Government House offers a considered and surprising look domestic design by juxtaposing contemporary and colonial furniture.

Habitus #34 is Getting Ready to Meet You!

Habitus #34, the Social Issue, is almost here and Team Habitus is excited to share it with you. You're invited to get social with us at the Habitus #34 launch party!

All about that bass

Are you ready for a new sound system that pushes for high design to match forward thinking tech solutions?

Design Hunters: Woods and Warner

Sonia and Jacinta meld design and decoration to create beautifully resolved and considered spaces for their clients with a creative approach to colour and an innate fearlessness of combining pattern and texture.

Ten out of Ten for Keele Street, Collingwood

Collingwood, Melbourne, is making a name for itself as the new epicentre of design, art, culture and food.

Industrial Chic Meets Luxury Skincare in Aesop’s New Seoul Store

Aesop is a brand that has achieved the impossible – global saturation while maintaining a sense of bespoke locality. The new Aesop Seoul store by Torafu Architects is no exception to this rule.

Did You Miss?

A Christmas Block Party with Candana and STS Stone

Celebrating the end of the year, Candana and STS Stone hosted their inaugural Christmas Block Party, opening the doors of both of their showrooms for a night of bubbles and treats.


Celebrating 130 Years of Methven Innovation

2016 sees New Zealand’s Methven celebrating a milestone 130 years in the business of creating amazing water experiences

Celebrating the Dulux World of Colour Series II

Last Tuesday saw Dulux bringing its World of Colour Series II launch event to Sydney, at a private party in Surry Hills

Open House Perth: How to be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Jade Jurewicz rediscovers Perth as one of Open House Perth's ambassadors and shares her journey with us.


Enhancing Mobility in the Bathroom

Stormtech’s linear drains are a seamless addition to shower spaces drastically improving mobility and accessibility in often crowded bathrooms and facilities.

Playing with Light in a Heritage Home

CHORDstudio’s Power Lane House extension shows how a Sydney heritage family home can have its cake and eat it too, channelling tradition with a sense of contemporary style.

Fiercely Modern: The Revival of Art Deco

For lovers of the Art deco design movement, P. Bisschop has brought the finishing touch to Australian shores.

New Kids on the Block

In case you missed it Habitus recently played host to a design discussion about why Collingwood, Melbourne, is a cultural hotspot.

Minimalist Style, Maximum Space

The new Anaca Studio furniture range channels a sense of European minimalism to offer enhanced small-space living designer solutions for Australian homes

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