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Elizabeth Bay House

The location of our feature shoot for Habitus Issue 26 was Elizabeth Bay House. Amanda Talbot re-imagined it as Picasso's summer house; here, we see it in its original glory.

An Eye for Detail

District Eight Design is an office and workshop based in Vietnam that merges design and build. In Habitus issue 26 we meet founder, Australian Darren Chew, to discuss his journey. Here, we enjoy his products, made with careful attention to detail.

Built For Bears

In Bear House, size matters. Designed for Be@rbrick collectors, the house centres itself around the owners' Be@rbricks display cabinet and scale is based on the toys, rather than the owners.

(Team) Building on the Island

In Habitus issue 26, we look at John Wardle Architects' tree-planting project 'Waterview'. This year, the team-building retreat was slightly different and they built four structures along the coastal edge on Bruny Island.


An eye-catching design to blur the line between art and commerce is exactly what Whiting Architects’ The Pod project achieves, as Annie Reid peeks inside.

Did You Miss?

Designers Guild

If we look at the last few decades of trends in the world of soft furnishings and beyond, the broad use of colour and pattern has circled in and out of favour.


Kristalia Launches Sharky by Neuland Design

A contemporary design by nature, Sharky features an extremely thin profile, giving it a clean and delicate form.

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