How smart will we have to make the smart home?

The home of the future has been a sci fi cliché for years. How much equity should we give the connected home for improving our lives, when design can preserve the things we love about home, and provide answers to our 21st-century problems

Habitus 28: Behind The Scenes

We capture a dancer in motion for the photo shoot in our latest issue, Habitus

Habitus #28 Launch Party

This week, we were very excited to celebrate the launch of Habitus issue 28 at a party hosted by Stylecraft. It was a terrific night where readers and some of the featured designers and homeowners, and the Habitus team got to relax and chat over a glass of wine

Designing nature with the Lazy Season Pot

The Lazy Season Pot was born of a desire to celebrate and engage with the natural world through uncompromising design and resolved practical solutions

Bang & Olufsen commemorates its 90th Birthday with the Love Affair Collection

Launching a carefully selected range of its iconic products, Bang & Olufsen now offers admirers the chance to enjoy these products in a new Rose golden nuance as part of this exclusive collection

Habitus 28 out now!

Our latest issue hit the newsstands on Thursday 2 July, featuring architect Nick Tobias' home on the south coast of NSW, the whimsical warehouse of Melbourne artist Aly Aitken, and more

Mother knows best has launched the advanced, smart Mother home and family monitoring system

Surfaces that are sustainable and smart

ECO by Cosentino is a new product that embraces sustainability, design and quality, and is a new category of recycled surfaces

The smart home boom

BOOM is a new, master-planned community that redefines the notions of the smart home

What is a Smart Home?

It sounds great, 'Smart Home', but what does it really mean? How can our homes be smarter? How can we live more consciously? Sven Ehmann, creative director at Gestalten in Berlin, gives us his opinion. He suggests we begin by looking at each word individually: 'smart' and 'home'.

The YO! Home of the Future

The groundbreaking YO! Home apartment prototype pushes the idea of the smart home into a science fiction inspired future

How to live smart in harsh climates

When thinking of smart homes in terms of advanced technology, there would be few smarter than the Halley VI Antarctic Research Station

A smart way to warm up in winter

Delonghi has designed a range of new heaters and dehumidifiers to suit the colder and wetter months ahead


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