Block 2 by Henry Pilcher

An abandoned West Australian warehouse inspires this unique light by Henry Pilcher available through Anibou

16 Feb 2010

‘Block 2’ is the first design from Henry Pilcher to go into production.
The design turns the classic aluminium industrial lampshade into a playful,
dynamic lighting feature – encasing it in a geometric timber frame.

The unique icosahedron
frame allows the light to be positioned on one of 20 bases, providing versatile
light play in any room.

Inspiration for the design came from an old lightshade found in an abandoned
warehouse in Western Australia named Black 2 – giving rise to the product’s

“When designing this piece,” Pilcher explains, “I was interested in using the
found lightshade. To create a stand and plonk the shade on top seemed too
conventional. The idea of a frame for the light brings life to the shade, which
was otherwise neglected.”

Pilcher’s craftsmanship is evident in the beautiful mountain ash timber frame,
held together with colour-matched custom aluminium brackets and black Chicago
screws. The spun aluminium shades come in 4 colours: red, blue black and white.

Neither a pendant, nor conventional floor lamp, Block 2 can be stacked or
arranged in countless ways to suit any space.

The details:

Block 2 consists of a 460mm-diameter powder-coated, spun aluminium shade housed
in an 18mm x 18mm mountain ash frame in the form of an icosahedron (20 x 325mm
equilateral triangles) that stands 510mm above the floor.





Block 2 light henry pilcher anibou red

Block 2 light henry pilcher anibou stacked

Block 2 light henry pilcher anibou red joint detail

Block 2 light henry pilcher anibou red