Contemporary Farmhouse Features Velo Ceiling Fan by Spinifex

A Jaime Kleinert designed farmhouse set in the rolling hills of the NSW south coast has incorporated the Velo Ceiling Fan to provide an environmentally friendly cooling option to complement the farmhouse’s open plan spaces and modern feel

20 Oct 2011

The home’s layout is cleverly arranged
to maximise natural airflow from the two dominant summer weather patterns, the
coastal north east sea-breeze and the southerly buster, both of which are
fantastic natural cooling influences.
However during the middle of the day the house needs to be closed up to
keep the worst of the summer heat out and in the evenings the coastal breeze
tends to die off, at which times ceiling fans come into their own.

“The appeal of the Velo Ceiling Fan is
its elegant simplicity”, says the property’s owners. “We were looking for something modern to suit
the house and yet simple in form so it wasn’t too much of a statement”, she


The raised ceilings of main living area
also pose a warming challenge in winter.
The warm air from the farmhouse’s slow combustion fireplace rises to the
high point of the ceiling. Set to their
winter mode the Velo Ceiling Fans gently bring the warm air back down to floor
level. The mixing of the air also serves
to reduce window condensation preserving the view out over the paddocks and


The Ron Rezek designed Velo Ceiling Fan
is one of his latest designs and is rapidly becoming a contemporary class
amongst ceiling fans. It has a compact
minimalist feel while housing all the components necessary for exceptional air
movement. It also features a moulded resin
aerodynamically shaped blade set, which is highly efficient and durable while
maintaining a subtle elegance that is comfortable to have in your home.

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