For the Love of Light

Melbourne-based designer Christopher Boots showcases his 21st century take on traditional lanterns with the launch of his new Asterix lighting series, writes Thomas Tran.

24 Feb 2014


Over the years, Boots has developed a reputation amongst design lovers for the integrity and artistry of his architectural lighting. His latest luminary offering will no doubt continue to impress his old and new followers alike.

“In my mind there’s a dialogue here, between the art-deco aesthetic and the rise of fascism, [so] I’ll be exploring that for some time,” explains Boots.


The Asterix family consists of the Unix, Triptyx, Quadrix, Parallelogram and Asterix, with each geometric pendant ranging from simple to increasingly complex.

The mirror polished, sleek brass shapes are all inlaid with environmentally sensitive LED lights to create glowing and highly decorative sculptural pieces.

In 2013, Boots witnessed the launch of his products in high-end design stores around Chicago, Los Angeles and at Fiona Barrat in London’s Pimlico Road.


This year is set to be more dynamic for Boots, having recently impressed Australian audiences as a lighting judge on Channel Nine’s The Block. His collection of sophisticated lights will be stocked at select design stores across South East Asia – most notably in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

“Creating these pieces [are] super satisfying,” mentions Boots, “yet I’m aware that I have to pay attention to the business side too. That seems to be flourishing, so it allows me more freedom to create.

One good turn deserves another,” adds Boots.

Photograph: Christine Francis

Christopher Boots