Habitusliving Shop: Dosh Wallets

They say your wallet tells a lot about you. Well, if that’s the case, then the Dosh wallet tells of a durable, funky, well-designed sort of person

23 Feb 2011

The Dosh wallet was designed by BlueSky design – the same designers that were behind the 2000 Sydney Olympics torch,  as well as products for Sunbeam, Electrolux, Victa and many, many more.

The wallet uses a specially developed polymer that is both flexible and durable. It might mean sacrificing your ol’ faithful (you know, the brick of receipts) but the freedom of less is very powerful.


There is a huge range of colours to choose from and Dosh are always taking part in collaborations with new visual designs – so there’s always something going on.




As it’s all about the habitusliving.com shop today, we can of course
direct you to one of our favourite Dosh designs, the ‘Spiderman’ in red,
blue and white.


PRICE: $69.00