Via Manzoni

Introducing the new Via Manzoni mixer for Italian company Gessi from Abey

29 Jun 2011


The new Via Manzoni range is the latest offering from Italian company Gessi. Where others have moved production offshore, Gessi continues to produce all its exclusive bathroom and kitchen faucets and fittings in Italy – including all design, production and communication.

This allows them to ensure a supreme level of quality through every step of the process, which means beautiful products such as Via Manzoni display a superior aesthetic and functionality.



Incorporating the latest eco-conscious design technology, when the mixer lever is in the central position, the tap distributes cold water only, eliminating the need for hot water activation and preventing unnecessary energy consumption.


Inspired by the famous street of the same name in Milan’s quadrilatero della moda fashion district, this mixer represent the essence of classic Italian style and design innovation.


In a relatively short time, Gessi has revolutionised a market dominated by long-established brands delivering a new standard for taps and fixtures, earning the respect and appreciation of the international community.

Gessi and the new Via Manzoni are available in Australia through Abey.