Yaacov Kaufman’s fascination with friction mechanisms has resulted in the development of the ‘Matrix’

21 Dec 2011

Designed by:
Yaacov Kaufman for Lumina

Made by:

I am:
A light

About Me:
This customizable family of products is available in floor, wall, ceiling and pendant options.

Each unit is then fitted with your choice of one, four, eight or sixteen arms that house either halogen or energy saving fluorescent lamp sources. The matrix is dimmable and designed so that each arm is flexible allowing the user to manipulate the direction and effects of the light emitted.

Halo Lighting

Halo Lighting
Matrix is available in black-nickel or plated-metallic grey. Arms are made from flexible steel rods.

Various sizes are available, with up to sixteen arms. The sixteen arm model has a base diameter of 82 centimetres.

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