Maya bath

Dado Australia is proud to introduce the Maya bath to Australia

13 Oct 2011

Maya bath has been designed in Australia and is a contemporary freestanding
oval bath. This bath makes a strong design statement, with an oval top view and
a curved side profile that end with sharp edges. This classical design will
make a statement in years to come.


bath has been ergonomically designed to ensure comfort whilst relaxing.  The angle of the backrest, the depth and
width of the bath was all considered in the design process.  The bath is big enough for two people. 

is a matching basin available to complete your bathroom. This bath and basin is
available in Australia from October 2011.


DADO is passionate about
our unique DADOquartz material.  The
first finely ground quartz and resin based material for bathware in the world.
The entire process of material selection, treatment and finishing is tightly
controlled.  As a result DADOquartz
offers critical features: full-bodied products, mildew and mould resistance,
heat retention, colour stability, non-water absorbency, uv resistance, and high
thermal shock resistance.  These are the
properties behind the 25-year warranty.



Dado Australia