Origins Objects

A collection of hand-crafted design objects by Lasse Kinnunen

08 Feb 2012

Designed: Lasse Kinnunen

Made by:
Lasse Kinnunen for Deka Design

I am:
A collection of hand-crafted design objects by Lasse Kinnunen.

About Me:
The development of Lasse’s Origins collection, which includes furniture pieces, has extended to interior objects with the Origins Object collection. Lasse hand-crafts each unique item to reveal the material, and combines traditional craftsmanship with design elements to bridge the divide between the craft and contemporary design.

The collection includes wall art made from production timber offcuts and small objects which may be interpreted as functional bowls or decorative wall reliefs. This work allows Lasse the freedom to work in an artistic space away from the functional and commercial brief. Lasse can produce commission work on request.


Selected local timbers and production offcut timbers.



Deka Design