Porcelain Tiles: Timber Translations

Earp Bros introduces a porcelain tile that echoes the warm aesthetic of timber flooring, without a single tree being felled

28 Jul 2010


An appreciation of design is more than just selecting something that
looks attractive. It takes place within a holistic realm beyond simple
aesthetics and functionality.

True design consciousness reaches towards an understanding of context and awareness of the peripheral concerns and philosophies of the product itself. It becomes a desire to know about the material origins, the product concept, and how they intersect with the look and feel of the physical item.

Such are the concerns when selecting finishes for the home. For example, timber exudes a beautifully warm feeling, but this warmth pales with the knowledge of the felled forests required to produce it. Sustainability is, for many, a way of life – not just a catchphrase.

Quality tile suppliers, Earp Bros, in collaboration with Spanish manufacturer, Porcelanosa Group, offers a solution to this quandary.

A shared concern for the environment has inspired the next ecological step for practical design-lovers – a range of tiles with the organic look of timber, and all the functionality and sustainable qualities of a porcelain finish.



Imagine a product with the organic aesthetic of timber, that doesn’t rely on the felling of trees, requires no sealing and no ongoing care. A product that is able to withstand solar radiation, heavy pedestrian traffic and even fire.

PAR-KER represents true innovation, enabling the appearance of timber in environments where its use has previously been restricted, from bathrooms to outdoor areas and even poolside.

In a number of different finishes and colours, the PAR-KER range offers endless possibilities for around the home, offering an outlet for those conscious of both design and the environment.

PAR-KER is available from Earp Bros – Innovative Tile Solutions.

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