Tretford Cord Carpet Rugs

The beautiful Tretford goat hair cord carpet rugs from Gibbon Group

27 Mar 2011

I am: 80% Goat Hair Carpet in Rug Format



Tretford Cord Carpet, known in Australia as ‘the goat hair carpet’, has a unique structural look with an exciting palette of 48 colours. Tretford’s colour palette enables you to match accent colours throughout the home whilst creating areas of warmth over hard-flooring.



Being a linear product, Tretford rugs have often been designed in exciting stripes or plain colours but its design potential is not limited. With the ability to be cut in any direction without fraying, Tretford can be hand-cut or water-jet cut to suit any design. The finished product does not require any binding which cleverly eliminates the visual distraction of a bound edge and the construction and finish comes with the Tretford warranty.



Tretford Rugs are a custom made-to-order product. Contact Gibbon Group for a quote.



  • 80% Goat Hair
  • 15% Nylon
  • 5% Viscose
  • Secondary Jute Backing


  • Up to 2m in width by any length
  • Custom sizes available (4m+ width will be joined on site)

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