Very Cool – Gaggenau’s Vario Cooling

Aesthetic appeal and hygienic qualities characterise Gaggenau’s new range. 

03 Dec 2009

The kitchen is arguably the most used and necessary room of the home – therefore practical functionality is a must. Thankfully today, class and intelligence have moved in alongside the more fundamental requirements.    

The Gaggenau Vario Cooling series is a modular system made from fully integrated built-in appliances. The refrigerator, freezer and wine cabinet are combined to form a cooling wall.  

Each item in the new Vario Cooling series by Gaggenau – refrigerator, freezer with water and ice dispenser and classy wine storage cabinet with glass door – can be altered to meet your individual needs and style.

Aluminium doors are optional, glass and metal shelves are adjustable – one is even motorised – and temperature and lighting controls give you much greater choice.

The precise technology gives you the power to cool to the exact degree, as some foods need to be cooled at different temperatures to others. Your drinks can now be stored to cool down quickly then brought up to a more suitable drinking temperature, as you require.

With stainless steel interiors, an ice and water dispenser, spotlights and optimum storage space, each item in the VarioCool product range offers that extra touch of excellence beyond what you actually need in your kitchen.

Distributed and imported by Sampford IXL, the products can also be viewed at Gaggenau’s beautiful national showrooms.

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