WaterTile and DTV shower controller

Recreate the invigorating feeling of a hydrotherapy session at home with the WaterTile from Kohler

15 Apr 2010

Kohler’s WaterTile brings a fresh modern interpretation to the showerhead.

Mounted directly above your head or off to the side, it gives that sensation of showering under a waterfall.

Whether you prefer a light drizzle or a heavier stream, the showerhead is available with two designs, a choice of 54 or 22 nozzle spray heads.

Fully customise your experience by arranging a series of showerheads in different patters; place them in a cluster, in a row, mount them on angles or to the sides of the walls.

For further customisation, the KOHLER DTV™ navigation system allows you to control shower time, flow rates, temperature and massage options.

Its simple and sleek design in polished chrome oozes the class from a luxurious health spa.

If you’re after that spa treatment at home, Kohler’s WaterTile and DTV will deliver.

The Kohler WaterTile and DTV are available through Holla.

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