Zoie by Helen Kontouris

This year’s IDEA Designer of the Year is channeling her energies towards creating luxury living for plants

21 Jun 2010

Helen Kontouris has stepped up to the challenge of reinventing lacklustre planters with the creation of ‘Zoie’, a quirky design, which battles ‘throwawayism’.

Kontouris sees herself as a ‘cultural architect’, believing it’s up to the designer to create products with a distinct function and intelligent material choices.

In the spirit of being ‘green’, Kontouris’ pots are made from polyethelene, are fully recyclable and free of Volatile Organic Compounds, which means they don’t emit gases often associated with new carpets and furniture.

Kontouris loves a challenge whatever she is working on, arguing that her role as a designer is to not give the consumer the safe and predictable result.

Working in collaboration with plantscaping specialist Ambius, Kontouris is satisfied with the fully recyclable pot made for both indoor and outdoor use.

“The Zoie is the first planter that I have worked on and I think we’ve developed an item that is tactile, artistic and practical all in one,” she explains.

Zoie is available as a two-legged version (Zoie-Sophia) or with three legs (Zoie-Anouk) and comes in three sizes: Small desktop, medium and large.


Ambius Indoor Plants


zoie pot plant helen kontouris designer


zoie pot plant helen kontouris designer