Big Ass Fans

The Big Ass Fan® Company might have a funny name, but its serious commitment to quality and innovation has revolutionized both the design world and the way people think about and use energy

24 Aug 2012

The company’s signature product is, literally, a Big Ass Fan®. Available in diameters up to a gargantuan 24 feet, these energy-efficient overhead fans use their immense size, not speed, to provide airflow on a massive scale. While the company continues to lead the way in industrial and agricultural air movement solutions, they’ve also refined these designs to bring the same innovation and benefits to circulate an ocean of air in sound-sensitive commercial spaces, including numerous hotel lobbies and stylish dining areas worldwide.

This focus on sustainability permeates all areas of Big Ass Fans’ culture, from its products to its own LEED® Gold-certified research and development facility. A commitment to customer satisfaction is embodied—literally—in a full-time on-site customer advocate, who independently follows up with customers to ensure all aspects of the purchase, installation and operation of their fan exceed their expectations.

With a product line successfully and stylishly expanded into small diameter fans, the Big Ass Fan Company is poised to redefine energy efficiency and air movement in spaces of every size. But this is only part of the company’s winning formula—with an eye to helping customers, and a strong sense of corporate responsibility to the local community, Big Ass Fans is redefining the way business is done.

Big Ass Fans