Black Marble – who needs colour?

Black Marble is a monochromatic design range from Dinosaur Designs, recalling the mystery and allure of space

20 Apr 2016

As the 2016 showcase collection, Black Marble features a striking design showcase from the Dinosaur Designs team. The collection features a monochromatic palette with black and white pigment being blended to leave intricate, marble-like textures. Dramatic and mysterious, the Black Marble collection is set off with polished brass and matt surfaces to provide contrast and flair.

In the homewares range, boulder forms dominate, and have classic Dinosaur Designs shapes like earth bowls and pebble vases take on a new dramatic visage, with dark, charcoal hues mixing with white elements. Two new additions to the range are a brass rock ornament and a vase, both of which work equally as functional and artful statement pieces.

In the jewellery range, it’s organic petal and pebble motifs thata re channeled, with the effect being a range of striking yet wearable pieces. Black Marble brings together iconic shapes from collections such as Rainforest and Flower, unifying them under a colour palette that entices the viewer.



“It has been wonderful to explore the complexity and beauty of black marble through resin, and to work with a darker colour palette,” says Dinosaur Designs’ creative director Louise Olsen “It’s always so surprising how much a form is changed by its colour and texture. The Black Marble casting has brought a completely different look and feel to some of our classic shapes and styles, and I love that its mood is quite different to the rest of the Dinosaur Designs collection.”

Dinosaur Designs