Habitus Loves… Kidding Around

Yes we know, the toys are for the kiddies to play with, but that doesn’t mean we adults don’t get to enjoy having them around as well, especially if they are imbued with designer cred. We’ve picked out eight of our favourites to brighten up any nursery. By Stephen Lacey.

11 Jun 2014
Heico Lamps

Created by: HEICO

Why we love it: File these ones under old-school banner. Heico night-lights are made in Germany from moulded PVC and hand-finished to the highest standards. There are numerous designs to choose from, including a goose and a rabbit and a squirrel, but we rather like the bright red toadstool.

Where you can get it: bigdreams.com.au

Sydney Harbour Ferry

Created by: Natasha Skunca

Why we love it: Natasha Skunca hit on the idea to create a range of cool designs drawing on iconic Melbourne and Sydney landmarks. She enlisted a local toymaker to create a wooden Sydney ferry for children. The ferry comes with eight passengers and two sailors. A similarly groovy Melbourne tram arrives with ten passengers and two conductors.

Where you can get it: makemeiconic.com

Flensted Mobile

Created by: Flensted Mobiles

Why we love it: Okay, not so much a toy, but an objet d’art. It was way back in 1953 when Christian Flensted created his first mobile to celebrate the christening of his daughter. He founded the company the following year, so Flensted are currently celebrating their 60th anniversary.

Where you can get it: Local Distributors

Oscar Dog

Created by: Hans Bolling for Architectmade

Why we love it: 1953 was obviously a great year for design, as it’s also when Hans Bolling came up with the Oscar Dog. The cute little puppy can be arranged in a variety of poochy positions, so he can sit, beg, and stand. Made from beech wood and leather by Architectmade.

Where you can get it: spacefurniture.com.au

Miniio Doll House

Created by: Miniio

Why we love it: If you are looking to turn your kids into design addicts, this is the doll house to buy them. Designed in Poland by two ex-advertising execs, the 1:6 scale homes are made from solid oak and birch plywood. They also feature the kind of modernist décor you would happily shrink for.

Where you can get it: bigdreams.com.au

Bank In The Form Of A Pig

Created by: Harry Allen for Areaware

Why we love it: Teach your child to save with this very funky and slightly disturbing piggy bank designed by Harry Allen. Cast from a pig that died of natural causes and made from resin and marble for Areaware, it holds up to $10,000 in American dollar bills. Comes in a large range of colours including fluorescent pink, gold, and orchid chrome.

Where you can get it: Local Distributors

Lou Lou Ghost Chair

Created by: Philippe Starck

Why we love it: Wacky French designer Philippe Starck gave us the Louis Ghost Chair in 2002 and it quickly became a design classic. The Lou Lou is a baby version of the famous Ghost, inheriting the same fabulous form but in a size to suit the rug-rats. Comes in a rainbow of translucent colours too. By Kartell.

Where you can get it: spacefurniture.com.au


Created by: Sergio Roger

Why we love it: Treading the boundaries between art and design, Softheads was initiated by visual artist Sergio Roger. The project puts an animal-friendly spin on the once fashionable practice of displaying taxidermic hunting trophies. All pieces are textile-based, soft, hand-made and produced in Barcelona.

Where you can get it: ajar.com.au