Of Fields and Carpets

Fields Collection is a new range of Tretford Custom Rugs & Runners designed by Fiona Lynch

23 Oct 2013 —   Sponsored

Fields is a collection of Fiona Lynch designed goat-hair rugs with geometric forms and dynamic colour palettes chosen from Tretford’s range. The jigsaw like patterns are inspired by geographical references, aerial views of crops and other defining influences in Fiona Lynch’s life.


The patterns, dynamic compositions and colours are reminiscent of the works by the 1960s New York Colour Field painters, like Barnett Newman. The designs are also a reminder of peering over her backyard fence to the see the triangle-shaped colour blocks of architect Peter McIntyre’s iconic River House. And the Fields collection continues this modernist approach with its geometric forms and strong use of colour.


Fiona Lynch has had a long association with Tretford, and its Australian agent the Gibbon Group, through creating bespoke Tretford goat-hair rugs for her interior design clients. However it was an abstract, geometric-patterned rug with pops of yellow and magenta that she designed and commissioned for a Melbourne client that inspired this collaboration. The process has been a melding of creativity where curated colours from the Tretford palette and experimental shapes by Fiona Lynch have come together like a jigsaw to create a signature range of rugs.



The Gibbon Group