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Early morning dreaming will no longer be interrupted by the nightmare sound of opening heavy [&hellip

01 Apr 2013 —   Sponsored

Early morning dreaming will no longer be interrupted by the nightmare sound of opening heavy slated blinds and for late risers an uninterrupted sleep will be achieved even though your snuggle partner had to rise early. Silent Gliss have once again raised the bar when it comes to quality and performance standards for roller blinds.  With the introduction of systems Silent Gliss 4905 – The Colour Statement.

These sleek, minimal and colourful window coverings adapt to every room design and features elegant brackets, a slim tube and a discreet bottom bar. It fits perfectly into smaller window frames without appearing obtrusive. The self-bearing system of silent window covers from floor to ceiling offer hardware that can be colour matched across a wide range of colours and Silent Gliss also offer 27 colours options across the entire ‘Colorama’ textile collection. This state of the art fabric is available in two transparencies and brings all the technical characteristics needed, while still looking very decorative and soft. The blind will perfectly fit to almost any interior design scheme and the materials used are high quality and UV resistant for sustained functionality and appearance over time. Extensive testing of our high quality products allow them the confidence to offer a 5 year warranty.

A smooth chain operation, side-guide option and click-in brackets complete this sleek system, meaning no bulky cords that are going to get tangled and caught from daily use – the chain operation system also makes the Silent Gliss range child friendly and out of reach to little hands. The spring operated, elegant metal chain or motor are optimised for upward or downward movement, the Silent Gliss 4910 has a sophisticated inbuilt spring technique enabling an equal and unreached smooth lifting and lowering of the blind – in every possible size. What is comfortable with smaller size blinds becomes a huge advantage with larger systems.

With experienced specialists assembling every system to guarantee perfect fabric roll on and off day after day – the Silent Gliss 4905 is guaranteed to make your morning that little bit less stressful and is ideal for every room throughout the house, including bedrooms, dining, living, bathrooms and kitchens – there is a variety of fabrics to suit each room – so why not add a little Colour Statement to brighten up your space.

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