Timeless Style

The essence of Good Living: the Weylandts philosophy

10 Jan 2014 —   Sponsored

The art of Good Living is a core value of Weylandts, and underpins the way product is selected and combined. A clear, simple approach ensures that the integrity of objects and resources remains uncluttered. This enables Weylandts to celebrate the unique, unrivalled beauty that is created by time and nature.

The timeless design of the Flea Market chair takes its inspiration from the classic club chair of a 19th century English gentlemen’s club. This overstuffed version embodies classic proportions, and is finished with the hallmarks of traditional craftsmanship in its construction and detailing. The leather is ‘hand-aged’ to give the perfect distressed look.


Flea Market Chair

Drawing inspiration from below the ocean, this organically shaped floor lamp looks like a large sea anemone. It is made from coco sticks, which are sticks carved from coconuts, a highly labour intensive process. The Anemone Lamp will be a talking point in any room.


Anemone Lamp

The Kowloon chair is perfect for those of us who adore luxury, comfort, sleek design and a touch of quality leather. Show it off in a room of your choice – it will be perfect anywhere.

Hero Image: Kowloon Chair