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From the wide brown land to our jewel sea, there is no other landscape on [&hellip

11 Jan 2012

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From the wide brown land to our jewel sea, there is no other landscape on earth as unique and as varied as Australia’s. And for those of us lucky enough to live within viewing distance of our spectacular landscape, what better way to celebrate it in our homes than with the uninterrupted, panoramic views made possible by floor to ceiling, wall to wall, frameless glass windows.

Sky-Frame is a Swiss-made glass window and door system that makes this possible, without compromising on thermal insulation factors that often prevent the use of large spans of glass in Australian homes.

swiss building materials

Made from tempered glass panels bonded with a fibreglass epoxy resin, the panels are strong and durable, and each panel can span up to 2.3m wide and up to 4m in height. This means that there can be fewer mullions, which break up the view. Where mullions are required, Sky-Frame’s thin 2cm wide mullions are minimal and unobtrusive, which creates a seamless transition between rooms.

The glass is fitted into an aluminium frame, which is recessed into the floor, wall and ceilings, hidden from view, which creates the frameless glass effect. With sliding glass door options, the panels can be set on track up to 4 panels deep and glide silently along low resistance, ball bearing rollers. The doors can be easily opened with just a push of a finger or even automated and operated with a remote control. Sky-Frame also has options to suit corners, allow you to open up to the views on more than one side.

swiss building materials

Sky-Frame glass is untinted and thermally insulated, this allows the light to enter the room, as much as 98% of outdoor light, without letting in excessive heat. In fact, Sky-Frame is fully tested to Australian Standards and the heat resistance of Sky-Frame glass is even better than that of a double brick wall. This negates the problem of having large windows, which overheat the room and causes strain on air-conditioning systems and our energy resources.

Sky-Frame was brought to Australia by architect Renato Martellosio, whose company, Swiss Building Products imports and distributes high-quality European architectural products to the Australian market. Martellosio has more than 25 years’ experience as an architect in Switzerland. Now based in Perth, Martellosio has used Sky-Frame in a number high profile project for his clients. He now has a team of trained installers all over Australia who are taking Sky-Frame to high-end residential projects across our sunburnt country.

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