Weylandts’ Natural Understanding

Nature prefers lines that deviate, curve and meander

07 Mar 2014

Nature ultimately delivers on all that we need to live comfortably and well. This season, Weylandts stores feel like living, breathing sanctuary spaces, filled with verdant plant walls and lush installations, alongside their now iconic collection of elegantly proportioned and stunningly crafted leather sofas.


Organic, artisan-hewn timber ottomans and stools, and modernist, cleanlined tables. Sumptuous linens and individually hand woven chairs, baskets and stools. We travel the world, seeking the unusual, the eye-catching and the authentic from markets, farflung villages, old school artisans and traditional crafters.



Wherever we look, we seek value packaged with aesthetic surprise. Elements of disarming simplicity,” says Chris Weylandt. “Objects that feel completely natural. Pieces that belong because they strike a chord in the soul. It’s about recognising what is real. Pursuing that idea. Passionately. Getting the essentials right.”