Casa de La Flora Thailand

Thailand's newest Design Hotel is Casa de La Flora in Khoa Lak

25 May 2011

The beautiful Casa de La Flora is open and ready for business in Thailand’s Khoa Lak. Described as “an ode to the angular geometries of Brutalist architecture”, the resort on the shores of the Andaman Sea sits as a statement in the lush greenery of the coastal landscape.




Designed by VaSLab Architecture, the “low-rise” villas offer amazing views across the ocean, as well as private pools and terraces.



This place is most definitely in the ‘wow’ luxury category, offering a 24-hour butler service as well as the best in high-end finishes and furniture.


We often wonder why anyone would want to stay indoors in a place like this, but when you return to your private villa at night you can keep yourself entertained with entertainment technology from Apple or just stare out at the never-ending ocean from your glass-fronted living room.



The resort features La Arunya, a restaurant featuring the most amazing Thai and international dishes. Wait a while after eating, then hit the infinity pool, followed by a visit to the library for a good book.

It’s an hour’s drive from Phuket International Airport (making it even more of a getaway) and is not far from the renowned Khoa Lak National Park.

Rates start at AUD$740 per night.


Casa de La Flora


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