FIine Print

The Perth CBD has entered a new phase of culinary experience with the opening of Print Hall at Brookfield Place, along its central St George’s Terrace

15 Oct 2012

Located in the heritage-listed Newspaper House – which housed and produced the state’s West Australian Newspaper until the 1980s – Print Hall is the city’s first multi-level dining and bar precinct.

Stretching across four levels, and taking in more than 3,500 square metres, the project was spearheaded by the Colonial Leisure Group, who also own and operate several other notable hospitality sites in Perth and Australia, including the Raffles Hotel and Colonial Brewing Company in Margaret River.

Lyndon Waples, CEO of the Group, says he first saw the site in late 2009 and immediately wanted to do something with it and its proud history.

Having worked recently with Melbourne-based design studio Projects of Imagination on Half Moon Bay in Brighton, he says they were keen to use the studio’s intimate knowledge of hospitality design to draw on the strengths of the site.

“Dion from Projects of Imagination describes it as an unfolding book as you move up,” he says. “There is a definite consistency of design, but each of the spaces are visibly different.”

Starting with Small Print – a cafe, bakery and on-site roastery – on the lower ground, the original grand foyer then welcomes Print Hall’s namesake bar and dining room, with a soaring vertical garden that provides the perfect backdrop for Executive and Head Chef duo – David Coomer and Shane Watson.

The first floor plays home to modern Asian fusion restaurant Apple Daily – named after the Hong Kong-run tabloid newspaper – collaboratively set up by Cheong Liew, and Head Chef Sunny de Ocampo.

But it is the rooftop terrace bar that Dion Hall, from Projects of Imagination, says will probably be the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

Named after Australian PM Bob Hawke, who was raised and university-educated in Perth before claiming title to the fastest beer drinker in the world, it is haloed by the neon light of the iconic West Australian newspaper sign, and is sure to be a beacon for small and large talk anytime of the day.

Print Hall