The White House Daylesford

Surrounding guests with beautiful pieces of great rarity, The White House is the interior designer’s retreat.    

12 Aug 2011


Interior Designer, Lyn Gardener, renovated an 1850’s miner’s cottage into a darling vintage, country escape for herself.

She soon opened its doors as a guesthouse, deciding to share her quiet spot with other like-minded design hunters, and one can only be too thankful she did!


The White House, Daylesford, is a perfect balance of industrial, rustic, light and classic, combining black floors, with fresh white walls, handmade linen and furniture lovingly collected by Gardener over the past 20 years.

Gardener explains, “I wanted to retain the feel of the original miner’s cottage so kept the house quite rustic and simple… [with the features] I wanted everything to feel special and thought about.”


The White House is home to infinite striking pieces; open fireplaces, claw foot baths, 1930’s club chairs, rare French chandelier (to top off an already elegant bathroom) and stunning hand painted wall papers to name a few.

Still, even with all of these features, Gardener has not lost sight of what’s most important; a feeling of home.


“I want people to curl up and fall asleep in front of the fire and feel cosy… I wanted like minded people who are looking for a place to take in the country town, the interiors and feel special after they have stayed” she says.

The White House comprises of two bedrooms, library and a ‘garden room,’ -one of Gardener’s favourite elements, “it’s a gorgeous huge white room that has every window facing the garden!”


Fitting with the vintage theme, Gardener’s fully restored powder blue 1965 Mercedes-Benz Roadster is available for hire by negotiation, ensuring guests are set to arrive in style.


The White House
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