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The Fresh Form Of Bellaire

The Fresh Form Of Bellaire

Low in profile, minimalist in aesthetic, modular in form, deep in comfort; Bellaire by King Living is everything you desire in a modern sofa, and more.

King Living sees the elegant, modern sofa of your dreams and raises you Bellaire.

Designed for style and engineered for luxury, every single item of King Living furniture has the built-in capability to enhance the comfort, liveability and beauty of any living space it calls home. Bellaire, the latest sofa to join the brand’s product range, is not about to break with this tradition.

Designed in Australia by King Living’s inimitable in-house design team, Bellaire is a sofa synonymous with sophisticated minimalism and contemporary design. Credit to its angular, sleek lines and soft, cylindrical headrests, Bellaire is guaranteed to elevate any room it lives in with an impeccable sense of style, comfort and longevity.

“We are extremely excited about the new Bellaire Sofa from King Living,” says David Hardwick, head of product for iconic the Australian furniture design and manufacture brand. “Offering a contemporary and light aesthetic with supreme deep seated, combined with unique high-back, comfort, the Bellaire is set to be the next must have sofa suited to any home.”

Supported by a slender, foam-padded steel frame platform with strength enough to last a lifetime, the modular, modern sofa is equal measures comfortable, durable and beautiful.

Drawing inspiration from timeless architecture, King Living’s design team has instilled Bellaire with an effortless sense of sophistication that is translatable to almost any home. Cast stainless steel legs give the illusion that Bellaire hovers subtly above ground, elevating its design appeal further still.

In addition to the modularity of its size and seating composition, the Bellaire sofa is entirely customisable in terms of its finishes. With the option of polished or PC black finish, the legs are able to be tailored to complement King Living’s wide range of premium fabrics and European Leathers.

Low in profile, modular in form, deep in comfort, and tailor-made according to taste and space, Bellaire is everything a contemporary sofa should be, and more.

King Living

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