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Habitus is a movement for living in design. We’re an intelligent community of original thinkers in constant search of native uniqueness in our region.


From our base in Australia, we strive to capture the best edit, curating the stories behind the stories for authentic and expressive living.


Habitusliving.com explores the best residential architecture and design in Australia and Asia Pacific.


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What We're Seeing

Carthona House By Daniel Boddam Studio Looks Quite Contrary

Daniel Boddam channelled the vernacular of Brazilian modernism for the extension of a Federation bungalow, in Mosman, Sydney, resulting in a considered and cohesive home.

A House Built Around Trees

Austin Maynard Architects considers Garden House its most sustainable project thus far.

Who We're Speaking To

Sue Carr’s Brilliant Career Honoured

Leading light of the Australian design community, Sue Carr has been awarded an AM in the 2021 Queens Birthday Honour List.

Daniel Boddam’s Home Is A Machine For Experimenting

Whether designing buildings or furniture, or working from a base in Byron Bay or in Sydney – the approach Daniel Boddam takes is always about striking a balance.

Where We're Going

Cultivating Connection With Habitus #51

Habitus #51 – the Kitchen and Bathroom special – explores the ways in which our kitchens and bathrooms create connection and respite.

Pulling Back the Veil

We have a sneak peek at what’s coming out in our next issue of Habitus magazine – including a preview of Terrace House 1 by Dreamer.

At The Forefront

Design Hunters

Exceptional Design Studios

Whether the practice is large or small and whatever their chosen genre of work, each entrant in The Design Studio is a consummate achiever.

Design Products

Remarkably Different, Remarkably Markian

Brisbane-based furniture and accessories brand Markian invites you to look at the world a little differently.


Living Together in Style

The shortlist of The Multi-Residential Building explores how we provide shelter and comfort in context with population density, climate and requirement.


An Inviting Home That Doubles As A Set Backdrop

When lifestyle influencer Joycelyn Thiang wants to snap a series of outfits, she can now choose to do so from one of the many appealing corners in her Singaporean flat.


What Is The New European Bauhaus?

A new European Bauhaus is making waves and tackling sustainability in an all-new way, and Sunflower by Koichi Takada Architects presents this new model in fine form.

From our Friends

HabitusTV Presents: A New Kind of Hospitality

Thoughtfully crafted by Adele Bates, Sub-Zero and Wolf’s new showroom is a combination of appliance showcasings and restaurant grandeur.

Our Verdict: A Home Coffee Machine Is So Worth It And This One’s The Best

Looking for a home espresso machine? Winning Appliances exclusively offers La Marzocco’s Linea Mini — a sleek, stylish and innovative machine that will deliver the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Save 20% on Blu Dot’s Entire Furniture and Furnishings Range

The time is now and the price is right, so sit back and relax. For the month of June, modern furniture and furnishings from Blu Dot are all 20% off.

VOLA’s Stainless Steel Tapware: a Timeless Tribute to Water and Modern Aesthetic

There is something pure, potent and uncomplicated about stainless steel - much like the water that runs through VOLA’s modern stainless steel tapware.

Habitus Favourites

From The Archive


Architect Quck Zhong Yi On What Makes A Residence Great

We may be living in the Age of Instagram, but for Quck Zhong Yi, the Singapore-based architect of ASOLIDPLAN, form will always follow function.

Design Hunters

How Is Education Shaping The Architects Of The Future?

Next generation architects will have to grapple with more complexity in the built environment than ever before, so how are universities helping students prepare for these challenges?


The House Apartment In Singapore Is Designed To Disguise

Borrowed landscape and a highly considered interior outfit saw L Architects transpose this ground floor unit in Singapore to look and feel more akin to landed living.


A House With Healthy Boundaries

Airy, but not empty. Khuôn Studio’s House for a Daughter is a poetic multi-generational home designed to give everyone ample breathing room.


Does Modernist Architecture Still Have A Place In Vietnam Today?

Mài Apartment was approached by both client and architect as an experimental merging of modernist architecture, Vietnamese tropical living and local material vernacular.


One U-Shaped Room Is Now A House In Itself

Once a room within one big, bourgeois house, this U-Shaped Room has become a grand little house in itself, thanks to a reimagining of space by Atelier tao+c.

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