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Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems

The Borghi basin designed by Gumdesign for antoniolupi is inspired by the stunning scenery, colours and forms of a rural Tuscan landscape.

The luxury Italian bathroom design brand, antoniolupi, is a leader in its field and a forerunner of trends in the world of bathroom furniture. The company’s latest collaboration with Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi of Gumdesign is exemplar of the company’s consistent efforts to push the boundaries of design.

Visually striking in colour and form, the Borghi basins combine two antithetical materials: natural cork and Cristalmood. Developed by antoniolupi from the most advanced technology, Cristalmood is a coloured yet transparent resin material. Among its property traits it is known to be durable over time.

Cristalmood can be paired with a wide range of materials and cork is one such material. The base of the Borghi basin is made from recycled cork and finished by hand for a soft, tactile effect. The material here was likewise chosen for its wet-room suitable material qualities. Cork is unaffected by humidity and fire retardant – perfect for those who adore candles in the bathroom.

The Borghi basin is available in a number of configurations. The Cristalmood basin comes in 13 jewel-toned colourways while the base is available in a light, naturally coloured cork or Toasted Cork, which is dark brown in colour with a coffee-esque effect.

Gumdesign is known for its highly conceptual work that always balances evenly with functionality and concrete needs. Here, the impressive geometry of the Borghi basin is not without reason. Set in a line, the objects create an outline evocative of small townships set on the hills of Tuscany and viewed from afar. “Small villages set like stones on the hills bordered with cypresses tell of ancestral roots, of chivalrous deeds and of Boccaccian novels,” say Gumdesign. “The colours take over the landscape: green foliage, ripe grapes, chestnuts and mushrooms and bitter oranges.”

The Borghi basin is just one example of antoniolupi seeking to break down invisible barriers and archaic rules about which materials can be used together. Here, seemingly opposing materials make light of contrasting materials, colours and textures.

For more information on the Borghi basin, contact info@antoniolupidesign.com.au



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