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Designing From Legacy And Innovation

Cattelan Italia’s new ceramic finish, Supreme, is the perfect synthesis of modernity and tradition — it displays aesthetic and technical innovation through authentic Italian craftsmanship. Available on the unique Butterfly Table, Supreme truly enhances and transforms every product.

Cattelan Italia’s products are characterised by the company’s rich heritage and authentic Italian craftsmanship, however its ongoing innovation makes them truly distinctive. With the purpose of enhancing its iconic furniture collections, Cattelan Italia has embarked on an aesthetic research path, and the resulting products have evolved to meet contemporary demands while staying true to the company’s legacy.

Founded by Giorgio Cattelan and his wife Silvia in 1979, the company is entwined with a family whose values are passion, creativity and art. The innovative force of the company undoubtedly resulted in its expansion to a broad selection of designer products, all designed with principles based on authentic Italian craftsmanship: industrialisation, style and functionality. Cattelan Italia has grown since its foundation and is today one of the world’s best furniture manufacturers with more than 2,000 retailers around the globe.

The company’s contemporary research journey resulted in the conception of the Keramik range, comprising 12 distinctive tabletop finishes. The new Supreme colour converges emotion with performance in a refined interpretation of marble applied to ceramics. Exclusive to Cattelan Italia, this finish is the perfect display of the company’s originality and authentic Italian craftsmanship.

Supreme exudes sophistication — the ceramic finish recalls the texture and radiance of marble, manifesting a unique harmony of modernity and tradition. Reminiscent of the precious mineral, elegant veins contrast against the brightness of a white surface. This detail of Supreme is what creates high-end stylistic solutions, further testifying to the innovation of Cattelan Italia and its power to transform living spaces.

Not only does Supreme have an extraordinary aesthetic quality, but its application as a ceramic finish results in unmatched technicality, furthered by Italian craftsmanship. The durability of ceramic through its resistance to stains, scratches, heat and water offers longevity and easy maintenance. Its strength and smoothness elevate modern, minimalist or industrial-style interiors, making it an ideal product for a contemporary home.

Cattelan Italia’s unique Butterfly Table collection now offers the selection of a Supreme ceramic finish. Designed through the collaboration between Cattelan Italia and nucleo+, the Butterfly Table displays a harmony between functional form, mathematical complexity and creativity. It features a curved, organic base in titanium or bronze lacquered steel with a laid top.

The radiant Supreme finish displays the innovation of Cattelan Italia, as its application in this table offers versatility, sophistication and practicality. The brightness of the marble-like aesthetic creates contrast with the dark steel of the base, while its smoothness complements the sleek curvature of the Butterfly. As an integrated piece, the Supreme finish and Butterfly Table seamlessly create a distinctive product, unique to the authenticity of Cattelan Italia.

Supreme, from the new Keramik range, improves the design availability and versatility of collections such as the Butterfly Table, pertaining to Cattelan Italia’s aim to keep evolving its products. The fruits of embarking on this aesthetic research journey have proven that the company’s desire for innovation will only continue to grow, providing us with furniture rich in heritage, authenticity, craftsmanship and creativity.

Cattelan Italia

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