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Hot Five – Why You Need a Heated Towel Rail

The peak of designer bathroom luxury, or a worthwhile addition to any home? Here are five reasons why a heated towel rail is not a luxury, but a necessity.

They assist in banishing bacteria

No matter how squeaky-clean your home is there will always be germs lurking in your bathroom. Damp towels provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, but if you dry them properly after every use, then you can stop microbes in their tracks. Hanging damp towels on a heated towel rail can prevent nasties from developing on the surface of your bath towels.

They lessen the laundry

Towels should ideally be washed after every use – except if you’re keeping them on a heated towel rail. Using a heated towel rail to dry your towels means that you will need to wash them less often – only every four to six days; this not only reduces the number of laundry loads, but it also saves water and is energy efficient.

They offer a simple storage solution

Bathroom Butler’s wide range of heated towel rails ensures a simple – and stylish – storage solution for hanging up towels in the bathroom. Design is sleek and modern, with models made from stainless steel and hand-polished to a mirror-finish.

They ensure total comfort

Let’s be honest, there is nothing better than stepping out of a bath or shower and having a superbly dry, fresh towel to wrap yourself with. And now you can also add a touch of warmth to bath towels during colder months, by increasing the temperature of the Bathroom Butler heated towel rails.

They are energy-efficient

Bathroom Butler’s most popular heated towel rail runs on one light bulb worth of energy. But what’s more is that it also comes standard with a built-in controller, which means you can reduce electricity usage even further. By adjusting the temperature and switching the heated towel rail on and off, you will literally be able to see the huge difference it makes to your running costs.

Check out Bathe for a great selection of heated towel rails and bathroom accessories.