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Pureflor: The Australian Made Cleaning Solution Your Floor Deserves

Pureflor: The Australian Made Cleaning Solution Your Floor Deserves

Pureflor is the latest Australian made innovation from Polyflor, and the team have gone all out to create the ultimate in safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions for your surfaces.

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to support local business is imperative. Polyflor’s latest effort in the cleaning sphere, Pureflor, is an eco-friendly, Australian made cleaning solution that is both clean and safe to use on all hard and soft surfaces.

Available in both a hard floor solution for benches, ceilings and floors, and a soft surface spray bottle for carpet, curtains and upholstery, Pureflor is the versatile, non-toxic home cleaner for the Australian family home. Pureflor is pH neutral, and contains only natural ingredients specially developed in a concentrated formulation. The cleaning solution removes the of toughest stains by breaking down and destroying the organic elements that cause the stains, soils and odours at their source.

The result of extensive research and engineering, Pureflor has been launched as Polyflor’s premium cleaning solution. Being aware of the need for a product that is tough on stains while being chemical free, Polyflor’s team have developed a product that is suited for the modern day that causes no harm to the environment, due to being 100% biodegradable.

Pureflor proudly carries the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo. Dedicated solely to manufacturing and engineering nationally, Polyflor’s products are proof of the quality and ingenuity of local business, and are an easy and eco-friendly way to not only clean your surfaces, but to give Australian industry a helping hand.

Despite its strong cleaning power, Pureflor is soap free, meaning no soap scum build up. The unique recipe for Pureflor has been formulated with plant based enzymes that will not negatively affect the natural and good bacteria of your surfaces.

The pH neutral and phosphate nature of the product will not damage your surfaces while you clean them, with the powerful and eco-positive formulated enzymes simply breaking down the organic material of the stain.

With a home-grown product that is environmentally friendly and chemical free, Pureflor by Polyflor is the cleaning solution your surfaces deserve, made in a way that our manufacturing industry needs.


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