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Practicality And Modern Aesthetics With Stormtech


Having been at the forefront of drainage systems and innovations for over a quarter of a century, Stormtech’s new design appears sleek, seamless and uncompromising.

A leader in industrial design, consultation and manufacturing, Stormtech was established as an Australian family business in 1989. It specialises in the production of beautifully integrated linear drainage systems, both for indoor and outdoor use.  Traditionally, drainage functions through a series of multi-directional grading systems to a single area, with shower hobs being a necessity to prevent damage to other living spaces.

Stormtech’s linear drainage offers a modern solution to traditional drainage systems, preventing common issues such as ponding and consequential hazards. Prioritising easy installation and flexibility thanks to its modular structure, Stormtech elevates its linear grates as an architectural feature, accentuating greater design hand-in-hand with functionality. Practicality has become a fashionable choice with Stormtech innovations, with focus on sustainable production and simplistic aesthetics.

Stormtech centralises the notion of breaking down barriers – shower screen doors and hobs – in preference for a thoughtful take on open-plan living that prioritises practicality and efficient drainage where its aesthetics become a pleasant complement, concealing itself into any living space. Providing seamless solutions to issues of accessibility and mobility, Stormtech’s specialists can offer bespoke plans and solutions for customised drainage designs and effective ideas for unique projects.

Stormtech also offers the only linear drainage system in the world with Global Greentag certification.

All of Stormtech’s products are WaterMark certified and take the WSUD (Water-Sensitive Urban Design) standards into consideration, presenting Stormtech as a brand consciously shaping the ethical landscape of industrial design and innovation.  Offering a variety of options for both commercial and home usage, Stormtech provides a range of products including linear drains, tile insert drains, manifold and threshold drains. For landscaping usage, Stormtech also offers a selection of sleek outdoor designs of Slot Drains and the Special Assembly range.

Stormtech’s latest innovation includes black UPVC Drainage Channels. A twist on the classic grey UPVC finish, the new black detailing offers a more unique and contemporary option for designers and consumers.

Available in the full range of 100-millimetre grate designs, the new black channel adds a hint of modernity to the stainless-steel and metallic detailing of Stormtechs’ modern grate designs. This subtle variation creates a striking contrast, both elegant and instantly on-trend.


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