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Enhancing Life Through Architecture

Zip Water: Enhancing Life Through Architecture | Habitus Living

Tom Fisher, Marketing Director of Zip Water, recognises unique and sophisticated design that enhances the way we live.

Zip believes that healthy hydration is an essential part of life. With over seven decades of experience, the uniquely Australian Zip Water strives to refresh our relationship with drinking water.

Zip’s contemporary HydroTap designs in a range of metallic colours, are thoughtfully crafted to elevate healthy hydration throughout the home. The success of HydroTap lies in their commitment to influencing and enhancing the way we live, with a brand philosophy that acknowledges the positive impacts of well-designed spaces and hydration on human emotion and wellbeing.

Zip Water is proud to be involved with the Habitus House of the Year initiative, continuously supporting the state of the architecture and design industry across the Indo Pacific Region. Habitus recognises the importance of how a space impacts residents’ in their surrounding environment – the ways in which a home represents the individual’s past, present and future. Zip Water strives to create innovative products that complement these rejuvenating havens.

A brand that celebrates innovative human-centric design and its impact on residents’ lives and the environment, Zip Water is pleased to be a partner of Habitus House of the Year.

How do the Zip Water products enhance and improve a way of life?

We provide beautifully convenient drinking water solutions in the form of our Zip HydroTap. Our advanced technology filters ordinary water, removing impurities and then instantly transforms it into a form our customers love – boiling, chilled still or chilled sparkling. Instantly at the touch of a button.

What would Zip suggest as the key considerations to address when designing a home?

Design is such a personal thing, and it invokes all kinds of emotions. I think it’s important to understand how you’ll live in your spaces, and where family and friends will congregate. For example, your kitchen often also serves as a social hub, a place to connect and re-group so investing in products and appliances that serve your family and friends is important.

How is the approach to architecture and design across the Indo Pacific unique to the rest of the world?

We’re proud to have been an INDE.Awards Partner, an important celebration of what makes architecture and design unique in the Indo Pacific Region. Our region demonstrates progression through its unique architecture placed in the surrounding natural landscapes. It incorporates a variety of cultural influences and living preferences while always looking to improve ways of living.

How do you see the context and environments influence and inspire the approach to innovative residential designs?

I believe that our architecture and interior design is powering forward with innovative new designs incorporating technological advances in building products, appliances and systems. The surrounding natural landscape and suburban development continues to inform new and interesting designs which challenge our norms while incorporating smarter, more efficient sustainable designs.

Zip Water

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