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An Environmental Hideaway In the Heart of Sydney

An Environmental Hideaway In the Heart of Sydney

Sydney’s inner west suburb of Newtown plays host to 88 Angel Street, an award winning environmentally sustainable trio of apartments that seamlessly integrate low energy building design with stylish and comfortable aesthetics.

88 Angel Street is the result of an environmentally conscious design from Steele Associates Architects, and takes the form of a three-terrace development, which was planned to stand as proof of the commercial and practical viability of residential buildings designed with sustainability as the central goal. The visually arresting green roofs cloaking the buildings are the tip of the iceberg of a unique and totally environmentally conscious trio of homes, where the subtle elements are as impressive as the more eye catching and obvious ones.

For Steele Associates Architects, the challenge was to put together a suite of environmentally sustainably features within an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable space, all while keeping construction, and eventual living and maintenance costs, at a reasonable level.

From the design, to the sourcing of materials to the construction itself, every part of the building process was researched, modelled, tested to have the minimum environmental impact, and the results speak for themselves. Not only is 88 Angel Street a visually striking and liveable design, the terraces have been rewarded with the Best of the Best award at the Sustainability Awards.

“88 Angel Street continues a trend for the Sustainability Awards program by being the third multi-residential project in as many years to take out the Best of the Best award,” remarked the judges on the award, “We’re urbanising on an unprecedented scale and we need comfortable, playful, socially enriching and environmentally friendly housing options if we want to accommodate our population in a humane and sustainable manner. 88 Angel Street, in all of its meticulous commitment to best practice sustainable building and material procurement, is certainly one of those options, and we hope that this award will encourage many more inner city developments just like it”

The spatial design of 88 Angel Street is driven by passive solar strategy principles, where stack-effect ventilation serves to exhaust summer air through the shaded glass roof, while all rooms across each of the three terraces have windows that ventilate and maintain weather-tightness.

Steele Associates Architects

Words by Andrew McDonald

Photography by Anna Zhu













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