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Amankora, Bhutan

As the industrial city bustles below, Amankora floats unscathed in the
lofty Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Monique Friedlander gets spiritual.

Situated in the central and western Himalayan Mountains, Amankora has built a series of lodges, in a circular arrangement, allowing for spiritual pilgrimages between them.

The resort has 5 luxurious lodges, each with its own picturesque backdrop, varying from expansive blue pine forests and snow-capped peaks to pristine streams. Bhutan’s rich history has survived not only in the region’s Buddhist traditions, but also in its architecture. 




Aside from the modern design features one expects from a luxury resort, Amankora’s rammed-earth lodges are furnished with eye-catching wood-panelled rooves, chocolate brown walls, and a traditional bukhari (wood-burning stove).




The accommodation blocks are built with a combined living and bedroom plan and a bathroom that opens up from the bedroom. A key design feature in these suites is the traditional terrazzo-covered bath and vertical window view of the surrounding landscape.



The lodges are accessible via a set of stone steps leading to a large stone terrace. This, in turn, leads onto the lodge’s living room, which is furnished with banquettes and lounge chairs.

At the lodge’s entry, Dzong-like architecture is featured, combined with more modern high stone, whitewashed walls and high ceilings.
Nestled snugly in the green Bhutanese fields, Amankora is almost an extension of its natural surroundings. The perfect experience for those with a hunger for an aesthetic, historical and natural feast.




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