Orion Suitcase from Hermčs

The Orion suitcase designed by Gabriele Pezzini for Hermčs – travel in design


Designed by:  Gabriele Pezzini for Hermčs


Category:  Fashion
& Accessories


I am: a suitcase


About me: 

Hermčs have blended
high fashion and durability in a suitcase with the release of the Orion.

With an anodised aluminium shell
reinforced with carbon and Kevlar, the body is designed to resist tough
travelling conditions.

For a high fashion product, it
remains practical with handles for storing on its side or upright and
multidirectional wheels to make it easy to move.

Penned by the company’s Design
Director Gabriele Pezzini, it stays true to the brand’s luxury heritage by
using leather and natural cowhide for the lining and luggage straps.


How big am I?

48cm length x 37cm width x 27cm


(61 2) 9287 3200