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Campari Calendar 2012

Acclaimed French Photographer Dimitri Daniloff this year teamed up with model Milla Jovovich to create the 2012 Campari Calendar. Daniloff caught up with Habitusliving.com this week to explain the striking ‘doomsday’ theme and his ongoing love affair with the Italian aperitif.


If we go behind the scenes with the famous ‘queen of kick-butt’ Mila Jovovich and pay a visit to photographer Dimitri Daniloff at the end of a hard day’s work, then we’ll likely find them sipping Negroni’s. In Milan, where fashion, women and cars rein supreme, its little wonder a sunset drink is necessary.

“Aperitivo is a time you share with your friends and family,” Campari Calendar photographer Dimitri Daniloff explains.

“It’s drinking a Campari; sharing good times and forgetting about anything else.”



“Of course I drank Campari during the shoot, but just enough to still make sharp pictures! I also enjoyed Campari at the end of the day in
true aperitivo style with Milla and the team to celebrate,” he says.

Daniloff this year joins a host of renowned photographers who have walked the path before creating calendar images to flatter the Campari brand.

While this year it was Danilof making his mark behind the lens with the theme “It’s the end of the World Baby!’ in previous years the calendar
has been shot by Mario Testino (2007, 2009) and Michel Comte (2011).


“Campari is a sexy brand to me because of the freedom they gave me on this project. This year we had a nice balance between the old Campari Calendars and the one we just created. We still worked with a celebrity; and we still worked with an iconic Campari-style woman – typfiying what is sexy in the brand – but the new part, the end of the end of world concept -is what really brought this project to life,” Daniloff says.

In 2012 Milla Jovovch is the exciting Russian-American talent that stars in the calendar, but her glamorous predecessors include saucy Salma Hayek and mulatto maiden Jessica Alba. Each year the brand chooses a globally recognised ambassador to represent the drink and so far – screen sirens lead the way. In 2012 recipients of the exclusive calendar can expect to see Jovovich in a range of radical portraits that each carry Daniloff’s signature futuristic edge.

Taking the theme of “It’s the end of the world baby!” Daniloff created 12 striking portraits that all interpret the age-old Mayan myth that the world will end in December 2012.

“The theme itself – “It’s the end of the world, baby!” – was brought to me by Campari. My role was to interpret the theme and create a positive vision of the end of the world.

“To me the end of the world doesn’t mean the end of life; instead it signals the beginning of life. Through the energy that Milla gives in the Campari Calendar these portraits show us how to enjoy every single moment and not be afraid of what’s going to happen,” Daniloff says.

Learn more about Campari at Campari.com

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