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From European kitchens to local artisans: Transforming Darling Street

From European kitchens to local artisans: Transforming Darling Street

From European kitchens to local artisans: Transforming Darling Street

Cantilever Interiors transform this Darling Street residence into a celebration of its inhabitants that feels intimate and unique.

Cantilever Interior’s Darling St clients Mark and Lyn have a refined eye for detail which shines through in their interior decoration choices. Lovers of luxury, quality and function, craftsmanship was paramount for them when it came time to upgrade their kitchen. They had been looking at various European kitchens for some time before discovering Cantilever’s EDIT Kitchen System in Cosh Living’s Cremorne showroom and falling in love.

“We were immediately attracted to the kitchen display setting by Cantilever and loved the use of natural materials, along with stainless steel. The Australian Dolomite used in the bar nook was particularly eye-catching. We had found our local ‘artisans!’”.

Mark and Lyn quickly reached out to Cantilever and engaged the company to deliver the interior design and joinery design and manufacture needed in their apartment. The scope included a complete refurbishment of the kitchen, study, master and guest bedroom. The clients worked closely with the team to create the designs, layout and palette for their home. After a series of design meets and site visits, Cantilever Interiors developed a design response which transposed the luxurious nature of their clients into a physical space.

Cantilever’s EDIT joinery system served as the reference point and design inspiration for the entire Darling Street project. Flexibility is a cornerstone of Cantilever Interior’s identity, and the strong yet subtle EDIT System articulates the level of versatility and personalisation that Cantilever projects can achieve. Designed in collaboration with KETT and a unique partnership with Cosh Living, EDIT is a boutique, highly refined product which is inspired by the unique character of sweeping Australian landscapes. It is available exclusively through and made to order by Cantilever.

The red dolomite that Mark and Lyn fell in love with was sourced from the Pilbara region in the remote northwest of Western Australia. Found nowhere else on earth, this unique natural stone has been formed by the heat and pressure of two billion years – known as Pilbara Dolomitic Marble. Two distinctly coloured dolomites share close proximity in the Darling Street project; the Red Dolomite used in the Liquor Niche, and the White Dolomite on the island as well as the Perimeter splashback. For Mark and Lyn, it represented their connection to the land.

“The colours were just so evocative of the Australian landscape [that] we love.”

A testament to the quality and craftmanship of Cantilever Interiors, Cantilever’s Darling Street project delivers clear and meaningful benefit to the daily lives and habits of their clients. The careful incorporation of considered function, a wholistic home palette and lighting, thoughtful storage options and high-quality joinery work has defined a clear design path which reflects a thoughtful interpretation of the clients’ values and vision.

Discover how Cantilever Interiors could re-imagine the scope of your next project to provide something intimate, personal and completely unique.



Shoot photography: Martina Gemmola
Shoot styling: Kylie Forbes
Joinery design and manufacture: Cantilever Interiors
Builder: Lytton DC


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