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The multifaceted design capacity of FYBER’s commercial range

The multifaceted design capacity of FYBER’s commercial range

The multifaceted design capacity of FYBER’s commercial range

From the refined elegance of an oyster-inspired restaurant, to the coastal luxury of a seaside airport hotel, the transformative potential of FYBER’s offering brings together two unique, highly resolved hospitality interiors.

The beautifully appointed Rydges Gold Coast Airport is the epitome of coastal luxury that draws on the natural beauty of the local beaches. Margaret, Neil Perry’s newest restaurant in Sydney’s coveted Double Bay, boasts an elegant interior, where simplicity and craftsmanship take centre stage. The carefully curated palette, utmost attention to detail and elevated quality of finishes are some of the common denominators between the two spaces. But there is one more thing these captivating destinations have in common – both of them feature FYBER’s commercial flooring products.

Between the broad range of colours, textures and patterns – underscored by the brand’s unique customisation capabilities – FYBER’s creative prowess is undoubtedly one of the reasons the innovative carpet designer and manufacturer has become the go-to for imaginative designers looking to bring their vision to life. Both Rydges Gold Coast Airport and Double Bay’s Margaret are a fitting expression of this impressive ability to create alluring commercial spaces, anchored by the timeless, durable and high-performing profile of the products.


Coastal luxury meets accommodating convenience

Completed in late 2020, the beautifully appointed Rydges hotel in the Gold Coast Airport encapsulates the indulgent, yet relaxing charm of the area through its lush and welcoming interiors. “The intent was to create a relaxed, yet lux coastal feel to welcome guests to the Gold Coast,” explains Nicky Uren, Interior Designer and Director of DesignNu. “The inspiration was taken from the Gold Coast Beaches’ sand and surf, and all finishes for the floors and walls were to reflect this colour palette.”

The opulent, yet gentle fusion of sandy neutrals and layered blues generates an inviting, resort-like interior, further invigorated by dynamic patterns that evoke the fluid nature of the ocean. These poignant designs have been brought to life through a selection of bespoke FYBER Vanity 1000 commercial flooring incorporated throughout the venue.


Establishing a clear visual link with the undulating shape of a wave – stunningly expressed through the panelling across the ceiling in the hotel’s restaurant – the organic patterns across the carpets enhance both the level of visual intrigue and the cohesive appeal of the decor.

The exquisite carpets were an outcome of a joint effort by DesignNu and FYBER. The interior design studio invited the carpet manufacturer to design and produce floor coverings that would engage the senses, and foster the soothing character of the interiors. As a result, the visual appeal of the carpets is matched by their luxurious softness, with smooth, yet substantial fibres emulating a restful sense of comfort.


The aesthetic and sensual qualities are matched by the practical characteristics of the product. Designed to gently absorb noise and withstand heavy foot traffic, the product was perfect for the popular locale. “Durability and ease of maintenance due to the varied patterns in the carpet was what we needed to achieve for our client,” explains Nicky. “FYBER offers a fantastic custom design process that enables us to do this.”

The humble sophistication of a neighbourhood restaurant

Inspired by the sophistication and complex nature of the oyster, Margaret’s elegant and layered interiors are a result of a collaboration between CAON and ACME. Honest and pared back, the space is defined by a sense of timeless simplicity and patient, considered craft. “The intent was to create a cosmopolitan, yet relaxed space where the beautiful ingredients and offering would be the hero of the restaurant,” shares Caroline Choker of ACME.


The tranquil nature of the space is underpinned by an incredibly well-thought out combination of colours and textures. “Earthy tones were composed with warm materials, such as sumptuous tan leathers and deep green joinery, whilst textured walls were reflected to be the inner lining of the oyster,” Caroline explains. The palette was further layered with the muted tones and natural materials of Oregon timber, limestone and terracotta. Burnt sienna tones were then dotted through the tiles, joinery and the branding, establishing a subtle connection with the idea of cooking with fire.

Complementing this multidimensional palette, FYBER’s Shining 1300 carpet product visually anchors the space, while maintaining a clear link to the inspiration behind the interiors. “The rich green tone of the Envy range was selected to ground the core dining area, whilst the luminous quality was reflective of the pearlescent nature of the inner oyster,” describes Caroline. “The colour was called Seafoam which was fitting for how oysters are cultured.”


Selected for its quality, craftsmanship and outstanding service, FYBER’s product enabled the designers to bring their inspired concept to life. “Durability is paramount for hospitality environments and high trafficable areas,” says Caroline. “The composition was selected in conjunction with FYBER expertise so that it could withstand the number of patrons dining in, staff traversing daily – and provide ease of cleaning.”

Whether it’s a mesmerising amalgamation of blues and neutrals that gently echoes the coastal landscape, or a luminous shade of green that pointedly emphasizes the very inspiration behind the interior, FYBER’s design capabilities can amplify the most imaginative design vision. And with performance and customer service to match, the brand continues being the designer’s favourite where commercial interiors – albeit not exclusively – are concerned. “FYBER has the best customer service. Nothing is ever a problem and after-care questions are always met and answered very professionally,” adds Nicky. “FYBER has flooring products to suit any commercial, residential as well as custom requirements that we need.”