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Holistic Landscapes

Water-wise holistic landscapes: landscape architecture firm, HarveyJenkin Landscapes.

In Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, the garden is another room of the home, a place in which to live and it generally attracts a similar level of consideration in design.

For Perth-based landscape architecture firm HarveyJenkin Landscapes a social conscience and psychological approach to their designs provides landscapes that are water-wise, eco-friendly, sustainable and holistic.

Headed up by landscape architect Andrew Harvey and site supervisor Michael Jenkin, who both have considerable experience in landscape design, HarveyJenkin takes a hands-on approach to their work.

“We are particularly conscious about incorporating water-wise methods, low water usage plants, water-wise reticulation systems and materials,” Harvey says.

“Due to rapid climate changes that are evident in every part of the globe, the only alternative we have is to create low to no water usage landscapes as the water crisis heightens.”

Harvey explains that Australia and Western Australia in particular, have high drainage soil and are exposed to strong south westerly winds and moderate rainfall meaning water-wise methods are as much about climate and location as design aesthetic.

He says those seeking popular, low maintenance and hardy plants that complement a low-water usage have an array of options including cycas, agaves, frangipani’s, yuccas, magnolias, dracaenas, phormiums and dianellas.

Philosophical and psychological considerations and a sense of self; reflecting the personalities of a landscape’s owners is imperative when it comes to the design, Harvey says.

“Who are you designing it for and what are their values, their likes, dislikes; what are their hobbies?” he asks.

HarveyJenkin Landscapes ascribes to a philosophy of manifesting a sense of beauty in unison with function and practicality and a belief that designs should be created as places for reflection and peace, where memories are made and growth reflects that of its owners.

“It should be a place to calm the senses and complement the home itself.  Where kids grow up playing in the trees and running around the lawn; a place that makes you smile,” Harvey says.

“Both of these values reflect a desire…that brings everything together, beauty without compromising the environment. Sustainability without difficulty; functionality without chaos; a system that works for all.”

Harvey Jenkin






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