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A ‘Sunny’ Outdoor Setting

Architect Sunny Wilder’s timber pavilion
radiates a summer zest and perfectly taps into its owners’ excitement about
enjoying the outdoors

Sunny Wilder’s timber pavilion represents
an impossible balance in architecture, utilizing strong structural lines to
create a sanctuary which beams lightness and sensitivity.

The back yard space was designed by Wilder
for clients desiring an indoor-outdoor living area which would entice the
family to spend more time in the garden. The result is the fanning, airy abode that
is the timber pavilion.

The pavilion’s owner explains: “We didn’t
want it to feel like a shed. It’s now a room that when you walk outside, you
want to go inside and use it, it’s ended up perfect.”

Mindful of the fact that the outdoor home
should reflect its owners’ dispositions, Wilder ensured that the design tied in
with the style of the rest of the house, whilst making its own distinct
statement. In this way, she was able to draw on their individual
taste and reinvigorate it by adding a different flavour.

This was the case with Wilder’s decision to
use timber as a prevalent aspect of the design. Timber contrasts with the rest
of the house whilst also evoking the moods associated with outdoor living, due
to its long association with gazebo like structures.

The timber matches the tones of the house
whilst setting a completely different vibe so that its owners feel as though they
are escaping to a separate sanctuary any time they enter this area of their
home. This teamed with the bi-folding timber
doors which fully open to a terrace in warmer weather, are the reasons the
client refers to the pavilion as her own “summer garden home.”

Wilder’s intuitive design makes great use
of light and space, allowing its owners to look directly from within the house
out onto the tennis court, thereby cleverly enticing outside exploration.

Sunny Wilder’s indoor space compliments the
outdoors harmoniously, and makes her timber pavilion such a peaceful
place to be.

The Timber Trip Architecture